Born in 1989 Helsinki, Finland. Based in Amsterdam

Academic background

2012-2016    School for New Dance Development, SNDO. Choreography BA, Amsterdam,

2011-2012    Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, SEAD. Salzburg, Austria


Some Shorts, The Netherlands

LIMA, The Netherlands


2018        Winner of The Total Theatre Awards, emerging category, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

2018        Winner of "Spirit of CUFF Award", Chicago Underground Film Festival

2017       “One of the TOP10 theatre works of 2017”, Falter, (‘Cock, Cock.. Who’s there?’)

2017        Nominated for Forum van de Regisseurs, Nederlands Film Festival

2017        Nominated for QueerArt competition, QueerLisboa

2017        Nominated for best international films at Transcinema, Peru

2017        Nominated as “Promising Talent of 2017, Tanz Magazine

2017        Nominated for the BNG Bank Nieuwe Theatermakersprijs

2017        Winner of The Prix Jardin d’Europe, Impulstanz, Vienna

2017       Teaching workshop on “Digital Desire”, Witten

2017        Nominated for CPH:DOX’s main competition DOX:AWARD (Craigslist Allstars)

2017        1 -year working grant from The Finnish Cultural Foundation

2016        Winner of André Veltkamp Award with Cock, Cock.. Who's There?

2016        DanceWEB scholarship, Impulstanz, mentor Tino Sehgal

2014        Winner of visual art competition “Blooom Awards”, Art.Fair Cologne (Four Kings)

Film Festivals

2018        Craigslist Allstars, CUFF Chicago Underground Film Festival

2018        Craigslist Allstars, EDOC, Ecuador

2018        Cock, Cock… Who’s There? Ambulante, Mexico City

2018        Craigslist Allstars, Nordic Film Festival, Reykjavik

2018        Craigslist Allstars, Finnfilm Napok, Budapest

2017        Craigslist Allstars, Transcinema, Peru

2017        Craigslist Allstars, This Human World - International Human Rights Film Festival' 

2017        Craigslist Allstars, Rokumentti film Festival, Joensuu

2017        Craigslist Allstars, Nederlands film festival, Utrecht (Nominated for art film competition)

2017        Craigslist Allstars, QueerLisboa, Lissabon (Nominated for QueerArt competition)

2017        Craigslist Allstars, Helsinki International Film Festival Love & Anarchy, Helsinki

2017        Craigslist Allstars, Sydney Underground Film Festival, Sydney

2017        Craigslist Allstars, Open City Documentary Festival, London

2017        Craigslist Allstars, DokuFest Kosovo, Prizren

2017        Craigslist Allstars, Encounters, Cape Town

2017        Craigslist Allstars, Docs Against Gravity, Wrocław + Warsaw

2017        Craigslist Allstars, Cinedoc Tbilisi, Tbilisi

2017        Craigslist Allstars, Beldocs, Belgrade

2017        Craigslist Allstars, DokFest Munchen, Munich

2017        Craigslist Allstars, nominated to DOX:AWARD, CPH:DOX 2017, Copenhagen

2016        Craigslist Allstars, IDFA, International Documentary festival of Amsterdam

2015        Four Kings, Official selection of Doc outlook international market, media library of Visions Du Réel. 

Performance Festivals / venues

2018        Cock, Cock… Who’s There? Uppsala Stadsteater

2018        Cock, Cock… Who’s There? IPAF festival, Warehouse9, Copenhagen

2018        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?  Labo festival, Cullberg ballet/Stockholm

2018        Cock, Cock… Who’s There? + Craigslist Allstars, BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen

2018        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?  Kaaitheater, Brussels

2018        Cock, Cock… Who’s There? Gesnerallee, Zürich

2017        Craigslist Allstars, Campo, Ghent

2017        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?, Theatre Bellevue, Amsterdam

2017        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?, Magro Theater, Mantova

2017        Craigslist Allstars, Beursschouwburg, Brussels

2017        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?, Rotterdamse schouwburg

2017        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?, Spider festival, Ljubljana

2017        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?, Homo Novus festival, Riga

2017        Craigslist Allstars, Doc Lounge Stockholm

2017        Cock, Cock… Who’s There? Black Box, Oslo

2017        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?, Impulstanz, Vienna

2017        Craigslist Allstars, Virtual Desires, University of Witten/Herdecke

2017        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?, Santarcangelo Festival, Santarcangelo

2017        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?, Hango Teaterträff

2017        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?, The EYE film museum, Amsterdam

2017        Cock, Cock… Who’s There? + Craigslist Allstars, Spring Festival, Utrecht

2017        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?, Radical Jung theatre Festival, Munich

2017        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?, Festival Extra Ball, Paris

2017        Craigslist Allstars, Motel Mazaique festival, Rotterdam

2017        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?, Campo, Ghent

2017        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?, Something Raw festival, Amsterdam

2017        Cock, Cock.. Who’s There? , Mad House, Helsinki

2016        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?, Les Urbaines, Lausanne

2016        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?, NU performance Festival, Tallinn

2016        Cock, Cock… Who’s There?, Frascati theatre, Amsterdam

2016        Cock, Cock.. Who’s There?, Theater Aan Zee, Ostende

Selected Exhibitions

2018        Craigslist Allstars, La Casa Encendida, Madrid

2017        The Young and The Willing, The White Chapel Gallery, London

2017        Craigslist Allstars, Mumok Vienna

2017        Craigslist Allstars, The EYE film museum, Amsterdam

2017        The Young and The Willing, FLAM festival, Amsterdam

2017        The Ukrainian, Baby I like it Raw -exhibition, Czech Center, New York

2017        Four Kings, Art.Fair Rotterdam

2017        The Young and The Willing, Third Space Gallery, Helsinki

2016        The Young and The Willing, Veem House For Performance

2015        The Ukrainian & Suck My Disc, Art/Life Institute, Kingston, New York

2015        Craigslist Allstars, Mitsume Gallery, Tokyo

2014        Four Kings, Blooom Award, Art.Fair, Cologne


2017        Essay What I saw and how I lied for a book "Post-Dance" by Mårten Spångberg, Danjel Andersson, Mette Edvardsen

2016        “Stranger Odyssey”, for Belgian art magazine Rektoverso (issue on gender/women in the arts) 


2018        Berlin art Link “Truth // Remembering Rape as Practice“

2017        Glam Cult “Samira Elagoz confronts the trauma of #metoo.”

2017        Superbalist "The film itself is a masterpiece in improvisation""

2017        HS.fi "Kun teoksen on nähnyt, ei voi kuin liittyä sen ylistäjien kuoroon”

2017         Cineuropa Interview “Cineuropa talked to up-and-coming artist Samira Elagoz"

2017         The Gap interview

2017         Before After interview

2017        News week Serbia interview

2017         Volkskrant interview "“Raw but elegant”

2016        Het Parool interview “One of the most exciting films at IDFA..”"

2016        IDFA "film of the day"

2016         IDFA

2016         i-D magazine recommendations

2016        Vice "Our top five women directors”"

2014        Highsnobiety


2017        ***** Craigslist Allstars, Soundvenue.com

2017        ***** Craigslist Allstars, episodi.fi "Craigslist Allstars is a true pearl”

2017        **** Craigslist Allstars, critics-associated.com

2017        **** Craigslist Allstars - Theaterkrant.nl

2017        ***** Cock, Cock.. Who’s There?, theaterkrant.nl

2016        **** Cock, Cock.. Who’s There? - Knack Magazine